We are a community that gathers at 9:00 am on Sundays to celebrate and experience the gifts of God.

As a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, we believe that: “God loves you. No exceptions.”

We invite you to come and experience that love with us!


Operation Cookie Drop

Twas the night before November and all through the Church

The staff was trying to get out of a lurch.

Operation Cookie Drop has gone into effect

And we are needing some help, with all do respect.

Lots of plates, full of sweetness is needed,

If we start right now, I know we’ll succeed it!

So, on baking, on shaking, on chopping and whisking.  

On frosting, and sifting, making and mixing.

Last year’s goal was twenty-five plates,

however thirty this year would surly be great!

The past years have shown

That none of you are rookies,

With that being said,

we hope you donate lots of grand cookies!!

Reverse Advent Calendar

This tree of boxes

Though right now is bare.

Waiting to be taken apart and filled

By all those who care.

Our St. Thomas parish,

and the holiday mood,

will fill up these boxes with great yummy food.

So pick up your box and get started soon

We need them back before the Christmas Eve moon.

50 boxes to fill, so please don’t slack,

Because giving and sharing,

is how we give back!


Please contact the church office if you have any questions: 419-734-3404!!!

Countdown to Christmas!!








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